When it comes to Mehida, in the heart of the band you´ll find the following attributes: Creativity, Emotionality, Hope, Gracefulness, Elegancy, Maturity, Melancholy.

Most of us have known each other for quite a long time musically and in person, so we have a good mutual understanding, and that gives a perfect playground to create something unique”, tells Harkin. “The mutual moments and experiences have given us a strong base to explore the different musical environments, which has led us to discover a distinct sound.” Says Markus Niemispelto, the drummer.

The guys met the singer Thomas Vikstrom first time in 2006 and it was a beginning of a special journey together. “Thomas was the first guy, who could really sing out what I was feeling in my soul”, says Harkin who is the main songwriter. “It was also funny that we somehow immediately connected as persons, shared similar life experiences and talked about them most of the time between the takes in the studio”. “ The studio sessions with Thomas where extremely productive and enjoyable. The intense studio sessions where seasoned with great Swedish sense of humor, which made the sessions more fun.” Adds Markus.

The dawn of 2013 meant a new beginning for Mehida. The guys had been in touch with the Norwegian music prodigy Henning Ramseth who’s the mastermind behind the avant garde metal band Ram-zet. Henning was looking for professional musicians who would like to do something serious, and soon the conversations turned out to reality and Henning appeared to the Finnish international airport with his guitar bags. Quite soon the guys came to realize that Henning was definitely a top notch guy to work with Mehida.

With Henning the whole experience was new. From the beginning I knew we just needed to come together in order to set the tone for the new album. To work with Henning was really exciting for Markus and me, because we’ve been such huge fans of his work. Almost immediately I could recognize a similar way of perceiving music”, says Harkin.  “Henning really brought his unique touch to the arrangements. When you listen the  arrangements  you can feel the Norwegian landscapes in his guitar wizadry!”  Markus said.

We really had to challenge ourselves into thinking more widely and determine what these songs would especially need, because the flow of elements was so overwhelming. Over and over again I asked myself what is really the musical direction of Mehida in its´purest form? What would be the most natural thing to do and what would musically be the deepest root behind these songs, so that we could represent them in a way that would be the most picturesque way of bringing these songs to life”, said Harkin.

This time we wanted to revisit some of the places we had been to before, but see things differently. As we have matured, so has the view of the things already known.

The result is a mixture of sounds and spaces that would stylistically be best described as “Metropol Rock”. The sounds bring an instant feeling of being in the midst of a Metropol, watching the millions of lights go by, seeing the endless traffic and still sensing the peaceful contrast of fading sunlight and passing clouds in the cool of the day. Smooth but intense, raw but graceful, dramatic but soothing, these are the adjectives that could give some insight to the divergence style of Mehida.

The Deliverain was produced by Harkin with mixing by Samu Oittinen whose resume includes work with famous Finnish acts like Diablo, Insomnium, Korpiklaani etc. Samu had also worked with the guys of Mehida before, so the co-operation was a natural choice. “We have a sort of a close family type of relationship together with Samu and the guys” said Harkin when we talked about the collaboration.

The best experience with these guys besides making great music has been the possibility to really enjoy the special connection with these fellows. I hope that the audience can sense the good energy and the special flow that we have together”, says Harkin. “There’s a deep respect towards each others personality and input. I think that the impact of  the effort of  creating music will be best described at the future live performances.” Tells Markus

Mehida’s music will leave behind an enduring trace where ever it is broadcasted.
Though firmly anchored in their shared sense of style, the band continues to be an instinctive searchlight in their search for new musical continents.
The album’s character is rooted deeply within the ethereal landscapes of the Scandinavia – an atmosphere which still resonates strongly for the band.

The loyal fans of Mehida have relentlessly asked us to make another album. This is the answer to their prayers. So one more time guys!